Majors is the fifth level tier of baseball where our goal is the build upon the fundamentals of hitting, fielding and throwing along with learning the basic rules of baseball.  

  • Age:  11-12 year olds (10 year olds may be eligible to play at this level after passing a safety evaulation)
  • Team:  10-12 players each
  • Hitting:  Kid-pitch only
  • Equipment:  All players need a bat and glove
  • Uniform:  Players will receive a shirt, cap, and pullover.  Players will need to wear baseball pants and cleats; boys are required to wear a cup)
  • Field Size: Games are played on a small 60-foot base path and teams will play 9 players (3 outfielders)
  • Field Type:  Games are played on a turf or grass/dirt field
  • Practices:  Field practices are generally twice per week (with weekly batting cage time for up to 6 weeks)
  • Games:  There are 17 games (starting the middle of April) and all are played on weeknights and/or Saturdays; Scores are reported; Six innings.  Games will be inter-leagued between neighboring little leagues.
  • Post Season:  After the close of regular season games, each team will enter a double elimination tournament to close out the season. The seeding of the tournament is a blind draft. Games during the season do not affect tournament placement.  Upon completion of the Majors Division Tournament, an area Tournament of Champions (TOC) will be played among neighboring little leagues.  Trophies are awarded for first and second place.
  • Ball Type:  Hard ball
  • Team Formation:  Teams are formed by draft of Majors/Minors Managers based on Player Tryout results

If you are interested in Managing/Coaching a Majors team, please contact us today at

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