Softball Farm

Softball Farm is an entry level league of softball where our goal is the teach players the fundamentals of hitting, fielding and throwing along with learning the basic rules of softball.  

  • Age:  7-8 year olds (girls age 5-6 are encouraged to play T-ball on co-ed teams)
  • Team:  10-12 players each.
  • Hitting:  Coach-pitch the first six pitches and then a tee stand is used.
  • Equipment:  All players need a bat and glove and helmet.
  • Uniform:  Players will receive a shirt and visor.  Players provide pants and socks.
  • Field Size: Games are played on a 60-foot base path and teams will play 9 players (3 outfielders).
  • Field Type:  Games are played on a turf or grass/dirt field
  • Practices:  Field practices are 2-3 times per week, starting in March and are approximately 1.0-1.5 hours each, including batting cage time.
  • Games:  There are 12 games which start after Spring Break.  Game locations vary between North Seattle to Woodinville.
  • Ball Type:  11 inch optic yellow safety softball
  • Team Formation:  Teams are formed randomly by a player agent though, at this level, they do try to accommodate "buddy requests", allowing kids to play with friends and classmates
  • Post-Season Games:  No post-game tournament.

If you are interested in Managing/Coaching a Softball Farm team, please contact us today at

2018 District 8 Northend Softball - Farm Supplemental Rules.doc


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